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1.旅游景点英文介绍手抄报 旅游景点英语小报

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旅游景点英文介绍手抄报 旅游景点英语小报

       求一 关于旅游的英语手抄报

       travel to Beijing

       Over the next three years, the capital will focus on creating regulated, environmental standards for energy, transportation, construction, atmosphere and water, according to the Green Beijing plans released by the Beijing government on March 7.

       The plan is intended to affect areas most closely connected with people. For example, by 2012, green areas should reach 15.5 square meters per person, and the city intends to open 500 bicycle-renting stations, with 20,000 bikes available. The first of these stations will be established at business center areas like Zhonguancun's Guan-ganmennei Street; others will launch in heritage-protected areas.

       Regulations or restrictions on bike channels will be countered, bike parking lots are set to increase and all main streets will have bicycle channels. As for automobiles, the Traffic Administration Bureau will establish a system to monitor street-level emissions.

       Off the road and in the home, a policy to switch Beijing residents from gas to electricity will be continued and expanded from relics protection areas (which are more vulnerable to fire disasters) to throughout the city.

       Lang Hua is a middle-aged women living in Xuanwu district whose home is now heated by electricity instead of coal. She welcomed the policy of switching from coal to electricity, saying, "This is safer and cleaner than before. My families and neighbors all welcome the change."


       关于旅游的英语手抄报资料篇五 旅游安排 Travel Arrangements

        I am so excited now, because I will go travel with friends. We plan to go to visit Guangzhou, for it is very near our place. This is the first time for us to go travel together, we want to make sure everything goes on well and save more time to play, so we make some arrangements. The first thing is about searching the route. Going to the strange place, we will have no idea about the road, so we need to figure out the main roads, in case that we will be lost. Second, we also search the famous sites. Guangzhou is such a big place, we can’t go to every concern in the short time, but we can visit the hot sites and get to know something about this place. I believe that this trip will be fun, because we are so free and can enjoy the new scenery.

        我现在很兴奋,因为我将要和朋友们去旅游。我们计划去广州,因为那离我们的地方很近。这是我们第一次一起去旅游,我们想要确保一切都能进展得比较顺利,节省下更多的时间来玩,所以我们做了一些安排。第一件事情就是搜索路线。去到陌生的地方,我们会不了解路线,因此需要弄清楚主要的路,以防我们会迷路。第二,我们也搜索了著名的景点。广州是一个很大的地方,我们无法在短时间内走遍每一个角落,但是我们可以 拜访 热门的景点,对广州进行了解。我相信这次的旅程会很有趣,因为我们是那么的自由,可以欣赏新风景。


       开心的日子Happy Days

        When the summer holiday comes, I will be very happy, because my family and I will go to travel. I like travel so much, I can not only see the beautiful scenery, but also can spend the time with my parents. I feel so easy and don’t have to study, I just play and enjoy my moment. This is my most happy days.



       旅友 A Travel Friend

        Last year, I went to Guilin for travel. It was a nice trip. I not only saw the beautiful scenery, but also made a good friend. She was from England and she was also a middle school student. We met in the tourist site, and she asked me to help her translate what she said. Though my English was not that good, I still could understand what she said. Then we talked a lot on the road. We shared our opinions about the different culture, and she told me about her trip in China. I listened to her carefully and I was attracted by her experience. Now we still keep in each other by email.



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       A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted.

       A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same.

       Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic spots or historic sites, that will make great difference.

       Travel can widen one’s knowledge. The farther you go, the more you will learn about different politics, economics, customs as well as geography.

       If you travel the whole world some day, you will fully understand the globe on which we live.

       However, too much travel causes tiredness.

       You get on a bus or a taxi, you travel on the train or in a plane, being patient with the hours needed on your mute from one place to another, that will make you exhausted after a while.








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       A man in ancient times thought he was clever, but he always did foolish things.


       One day, he saw a beautiful bell. It was at the top of a door. “Oh, how nice! I will take it home. ”he said to himself. He thought hard. Then he had a “good” idea. “Aha! I can plug my ears. I will not hear the ring.”

       有一天,他看见一个漂亮的铃铛挂在一户人家的门上头。“啊,好漂亮!我要把它拿回家去。”他自言自语道。他使劲地想,然后想到了一个“好”主意。“哈!我把耳朵堵上,就听不到 *** 了。”

       He did so, but the bell rang. The owner opened the door and asked angrily, “What are you doing here?”




       If you make yourself an ass, don't plain if people ride you.


       It is hard to please all.


       It is the first step that costs troublesome.


       If a man deceives me once, shame on him, if he deceives me twice, shame on me.


       Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.


       Lies can never changes fact.


       Like author, like book.


       Knowledge is power.


       Like father, like son.

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